Padgett Business Services 
502A Grants Ferry Road 
Brandon, MS 39047 



Monthly Accounting

We use certain documents that the business owner furnishes to us. We bring those documents back to our office and compile the data into acceptable accounting standards and input the data into our software and prepare for the client financial statements. The statements include an income statement, check register, transaction journal and comparison reports. We calculate and complete all tax coupons for the client and return them on a timely basis so they can be paid to the proper authorities.

Tax Consultation, Preparation, and Filing

We speak each month with our clients about their tax consequences. Sales tax, payroll taxes, and estimated tax requirements. At the end of the year we can prepare for our clients all of their business returns and individual tax returns for both state and federal taxing authorities. As Enrolled Agents, we are able to represent our clients before the IRS and state taxing authorities. We receive our authority from the IRS and are required to maintain our status with extensive yearly educational and ethical standards training.

Business Consulting and Advice

We work with our clients from start-up to daily advice of where they stand. From discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the different entities, we will help our clients choose the most effective and advantageous classification for their needs. Each month, we discuss the status of the client's financial reports with them so they can make good and sensible decisions regarding the growth of their business. We offer unlimited business consultation with our clients in the areas of expansion, leasing, purchasing of new equipment etc. before a decision is made. This allows the business to determine what is most advantageous for their needs.

Government Compliance

We evaluate the status of each of our clients on an individual basis and make sure they are in compliance with all state and federal taxing authorities. The compliance issues will range from state sales tax, state and federal payroll taxes, individual and corporate taxes as well as employee vs. contractor issues. We can complete all end of year forms such as 1099's and W2's. Our clients have no reason to fear the complex taxing issues that businesses face today.